Pusha T Talks The Throne, Big Sean, Cyhi & Consequence

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What are your thoughts on Watch the Throne? I’m assuming you heard the whole thing a while ago.

It is so sophisticated, man. First of all it’s already in the upper echelon of rap. It’s like, royalty rap — rich rap. It’s actually amazing. I used to make records and say “This is gonna be better than that. But I don’t know who the hell they were competing with. I couldn’t tell you. Maybe themselves? It wasn’t any rapper, I will tell you that right now. No rapper has made rap that good — no one rapper has made music or made songs that were this good. Maybe they’re competing with Bono.

You’ve been working with a few younger rappers lately. Do you feel like you can mentor them?

No, I just think the little guys know that I’ve been around the block a bit. [Big] Sean is always like “Man, I was listening to you and you did this and that ... ” Cyhi’s the same way. They just know that I’ve been through the game. I offer insight when I can and I listen to those guys as well. Cyhi is really good to me, Sean is really good to me. Tyler, he honestly put a study in of what was going on when I first got into the game with Star Trak, and Pharrell and Chad. In our conversations, he’s let me know he studied every ounce of the music that we’ve put out as a collective.

What’s the deal with Consequence? Ever since he was dropped from G.O.O.D. Music, he's accused you of stealing his lyrics and Kanye of stifling him creatively, among other things. Does he have any real reason to be so upset?

I just think it’s pretty pathetic, man. It all boils down to royalty, and having certain principles. Nobody maliciously tries to do anything. This is a business, and sometimes things don’t work — some artists don’t pop. But I don’t think you blame the head of that crew for it, especially in a business like this, which is so self-sufficient. It’s really unfortunate, but what can you say?

I can understand his frustration, but It’s not like he's the only guy who's been dropped from the label.

And might I add this is only one guy [acting this way]. I don’t hear anything else about anybody else, and I’ve seen everybody, from Really Doe (dropped) to GLC (dropped) … I don’t understand it at all. And if people really, really knew what I saw, like in Hawaii during the making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, they’d be floored. People don’t have a clue how inviting Ye was to everyone to contribute things to the album. I don’t even wanna go into it … he was way too inviting. I ain’t never been that inviting on my own album. Hell no! But anyone who had something amazing to say had free range to just go out and do it. Whether or not it was up to Ye’s standards? Now that’s a different thing. But everyone had a shot.


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