Consequence - Mr. RapFix (Hot Water)

Учем но е зусть лерексы зожегательного хита про MOD3 об преключенеях декстера в телевезоре. Ремексенг но под ходе (естле что).

Consequence - Mr. RapFix (Hot Water)

Verse 1

Only a basket case puts
Their eggs in one basket
If that be the case
Then the shells that I'm blasting
'll hatch a new series
Of birds who keep asking
Who the hell is this guy Cons
Who keeps rapping
Extremely well
In the midst of rumors
And that's why they equate me
To "Watson The Computer"
I put careers in Jeopardy
Grace the pages of Ebony
Anyhow you step to me
You must be doing
Coke like Bobbi Kris
Cuz a real Boss would
Make sure that Everybody's Rich
But life is like
A Hotel for the loafs
How could you sellout?
If there was still room for growth
So this boat here
Is just a slave ship
So give me back my ideas
And have a great trip
I take risk
That some say would kill me
Cuz when that Mill is looking meek
As the kid from Philly
And ya man is asking like
He don't know the dealy
Then that's the one you need to
Weed out like Wiz or Willie
Nelson, Tell them
Infaticly so
I'm from the Queens borough
Where they automatically flow
So battle me bro
I begin to magically glow
And that'll make a modern-day Vanity
Panties come off REAL SLOW
The kid they can't put a CAP on
And that's why the competition
Ducking like the Black Swan
Cuz I bring the rawkus
Like Brian,Jared & Black Shawn
So I know these fools
Don't want no problems at all!

Verse 2

If Ryan could lose Scarlett
But Michael could own Charlotte
That should let you know
To keep your mind on your wallet
So I'ma work-a-holic
Cuz my work is so Fresh
That I should be inducted
In the H.O.F.
So place yo bets
On how I make moves
And guarantee you'll walk away
As sour as a grapefruit
Cuz I don't play duke
And I'll display proof
I'll shoot you, the judge, the jury
And the State Troop
All in the same booth
Cuz I prefer plain truth
As oppose to illusions
Cuz that's for the Pee-Wee League
Like Paul Rueben
And these kind of missiles
Are the reason why Kennedy
Called out The Cubans
Me, I'm just a fusion
Of many MC's
Like the Treacherous Three
And where Treach use to be
The best in the league
Right beneath "23"
So I drink a "Deuce-Deuce"
And still party in the P's
I change with the breeze
While ya head's in the clouds
And what hangs to my knees
Might belong in her mouth
If she's over "21"
Otherwise it's not allowed
Cuz it's a Number's Game
With them groupies in the crowd
I'm still on the prowl
While you ambulance chasers
Are looking for a "Hit"
To get ya hands on some paper
Cuz in the hood
My name is burning HOT

I'm Hot Water!!!

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