Hit-Boy Talks "Niggas In Paris", Watch The Throne & G.O.O.D. Music

Хетбой поведывоент как очутилсо в етой секте, розглогольствуент про конпеляцею прегленувшегося четырем стам трецети шести тысечям семи десети девети нигерослушотелям стула о так же удевляентсо от чего зожегательный хит про фронцузов в нигерее не звучит в клубах (не юмора).

How did you link with G.O.O.D. Music?

I ended up meeting Polow Da Don on Myspace in like ’06. We did some work together, and I was signed to him for a little bit. I made a lot of moves over there, and then through mutual friends and stuff I ended up meeting Ricky Anderson, who’s Kanye’s cousin and now my co-manager. That’s how I got into the whole G.O.O.D. Music situation.

Tell us how you got involved with Watch the Throne.

We had flown over to Abu Dhabi. It was crazy. We were supposed to be there for three weeks, something like that. We get over there, and I had packed clothes for weather that was similar to California. So we get there, and we go to dinner. At dinner, Kanye’s like I’m not really feeling the vibe here; we should just go back to the US. So I’m like okay? [laughs] This is after a 16-hour flight, so we worked a night in Abu Dhabi. We came up with some great music that night, actually. Next day, we decided on coming to New York. It was freezing cold. I was not prepared—had no sweaters. But I ended up knowing some people that gave me some free stuff, shout out to 10 Deep and a few other brands. But yeah, I ended up getting some stuff. So we came out here in January. Everybody was here. Pusha—that’s when I did the “My God” joint up here. I did stuff with John Legend, I did stuff with Kanye, I did stuff with Watch the Throne, CyHi was up here, Big Sean—I did stuff with Cudi—pretty much the whole G.O.O.D. Music. That’s when I started crafting stuff specifically for Watch the Throne.

Was this before or after you signed to G.O.O.D. Music?

This was before. I did “Christmas in Harlem,” so after that [Kanye] took an interest. Ricky approached me about possibly being down with the team. So I guess the trip out here just kinda solidified my stay at G.O.O.D. Music.

For those that haven’t heard it yet, what’s “Niggas in Paris” about?

“Niggas in Paris” is just a high-energy record. It’s gonna be played in the club, I feel. It’s something that can be played on the radio. It’s one of those joints that get you out your seat for sure. It’s about ballin’ man! [laughs] It’s like real stunt-tastic. Every time I hear those dudes rap on my beats, I’m still in awe. I’m a fan. These are really two dudes that I looked up to the most out of any artist, pretty much. It’s just surreal.

И еще там.

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