Pusha T Announces New Mixtape "Long Live The 'Caine"

Темвременем как пучеглазый лешаентсо своего достоенства (фотограмма) иззо переноса FOG2 но 27 септенбря и прочех не до розуменей но подходе новы юморестеческей мекстейпенг про порошок понд нозванее Long Live The 'Caine =\.

So now the EP is done, what are you working on next?

I'm about to start working on my own mixtape, Long Live The 'Caine, as in cocaine.

Like the Big Daddy Kane album?

Yes, the play on Big Daddy Kane's Long Live The Kane.

There are lots of Big Daddy Kane titles that could be flipped: Wrath of Kane...

[Shouts to manager] Yo, what if I call the album the Wrath of 'Caine? It would be sort of hard. That was, like, my favorite Big Daddy Kane record.


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