S1 Explains Why ‘Guilt Trip’ Was Cut From ‘Watch The Throne’

Продюсор суперзожегательного овтотюненговового хита Guilt Trip про Yeezus уведомляент что сконпелеровол бенток еще во время мебельной сесеи в лондоне но контпозицея не очутилас но Watch The Throne потому что к тому времене скот треведолор с енгчопом еще не соблоговолиле зомутить супер хитер Blocka который в последвствее был зосентплеровон там. О вот скотские зовыванея новернека двухлентей свежесте кстанте. Цетируем.

The ‘Guilt Trip’ beat was actually made in London when I was in the studio with Kanye and Jay for the Watch The Throne album. He always loved it but it didn’t fit the vibe of Watch The Throne so he held it for this album.

I’m always expecting something against what’s popular because that’s just him as an artist and a creator. I didn’t know exactly which direction [Yeezus] was going to go but I knew it would be something kinda away from the norm of what everybody else would be doing.


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