Kanye West - W Magazine Interview

НЛК предстал в виде уродлевого жидкого тронсформера в овгустовском выпустке журнала для изWрощенцев отам порозглогольствовол про новы ольтбом, тобуретку, ромонтическое сведанее с торонтиной и тому тогдалее (мы не стале портеть зренее).

It turns out this song was inspired by a serious diss—not from another rapper but from a major fashion designer. Last fall, a few days before Paris Fashion Week, West was informed that he'd be invited to a widely anticipated runway show only on the condition that he agree not to attend any other shows. “So the next day I went to the studio with Daft Punk, and I wrote ‘I Am a God,'?” West says. “Cause it's like, Yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can't go. Man, I'm the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix.” West is not smiling as he says this, and his voice is getting louder with each sentence. “You can't say that you love music and then say that Kanye West can't come to your show! To even think they could tell me where I could and couldn't go is just ludicrous. It's blasphemous—to rock 'n' roll, and to music.

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