Mike Dean Talks ‘Yeezus’, ‘Born Sinner’ & ‘Hold My Liquor’

Просем екран - мойк ден обпсуждаент Yeezus и культ личносте НЛК о так же зоевляент что ему понровелсо новы ольтбом про гейкола Born Sinner. Перемотайте пленку до 2:40.

Ниже сотрудник ОХБ оповещаент что езночально Hold My Liquor была контпозицеей про боневера о уже потом стала терахек шлягером про чефира кефировеча.

[‘Hold My Liquor’] was one of the first songs I started that made it on any of his albums. I started the song with Bon Iver, and Kanye did production on it. Very good song. You can’t have too many guitar solos at the end. It allows him to express himself for a couple of minutes. Pretty cool.

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