Common Speaks On ‘LUV’

Лоней оповещаент повлеяла ли роль обчерендого гонгстера но его музеку о так же сообщаент зо чем вобще соблоговолил пренять учавствее в художевственой кортине LUV.

This movie touches on a lot of realities about violence and male influence in our nation. How did the making and/or release of this film have an affect on your music? Especially in the midst of what’s happening here in Chicago?

I’ve always been inspired by Chicago. Whether its helping me be who am, or if it’s a way I can help the city and improve the situations people are experiencing. Of course in my music, I don’t want to promote violence, I’m always trying to my best to express the love. That’s why you hear “The Light” playing in the background. Whether it’s love in a relationship or love to another human being, or love to the arts, or just love what you do, for me that’s what’s been a consistent theme.

So would you say this is a different way to showcase your want to help the community, as well as express an alternative creative emotion? Is that one of the reason’s you chose this specific role?

Acting is definitely another way for me to express what I am really passionate about… But I choose roles because I think they’ll give me the chance to show something as an actor, to show something about a human being that needed to be felt or heard. So that’s why I choose this role and in support of a script I think is good.

Maybe one of the best you’ve worked on?

I think it’s good. The best I’ve worked on, I mean I worked on some good ones, “American Gangster” I really loved that, even “Smoking Aces”. But “Luv” is definitely a quality and unique script.


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