Twilite Tone Talks Working With Kanye West On ‘Mercy’

Сексуальный портнер Гострольный дежей рошида и по со вместетельству гхостпродюсор Mercy уверяент что в ночале мультихорошего шлягера мы слышем вовсе не блеянье овцы о беблейские цетаты в естполнеее непонятного ямайского певуна о так же розглогольствуент про конпелецею проезведенея. Мы не поймем одно - что тогда сделол лифтенд?

[Man in the beginning of the song] quotes a verse from the Bible and then he goes into you know, ‘Don't test me,' that whole Jamaican, dancehall, don't test me and my sound,” Tone tells us. “Then he says right before the other hook comes in, ‘Believe me.' So he's saying the biblical verse to back him up, to give him this power, for lack of a better term, this spiritual power and then he goes into bragging, and then he says believe me.

The inspiration initially was based upon a conversation Ye and I had, and him playing me the track, um. That was how can we do something unusual, uncanny.

It was just like ‘Yo what do you think?' and I was like well, the way the drums were before I was like, ‘Yo I think you should change the drums and retune them so this doesn't sound like regular trap.' Then we just got to talking and I just thought, ‘What could I do that would just be counter establishment? Or counter cliche, like what could I put on there.?' For some reason, I heard that dude [in the beginning of the track], I heard him, I had a vision. I heard that ‘Well it's the weeping and the moaning' and I was like ‘Oh!' Then it just literally, I hate to sound so like comic book or some sh-t, but literally I was like ‘Oh my God,' like I had chills. So then, I was invited to the studio. I talked him, maybe that was Friday, or Saturday, We met up.

The next day he invited me to the studio, and he was there and a couple of his crew, and I played the sample and everybody froze, everybody paused. Like everybody. It's just that everybody was keyed to it. and Ye was like ‘Oh snap,' and he started hitting the buttons on it. The rest is, as you would say, history or our story.


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