Malik Yusef Talks ‘Sin City’, G.O.O.D. Music, Next Solo Album & more

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Perajok: I know you guys are sleeping with the hard disks. How your vocals from "Sin City" was stolen? What we can expect from the official version?

Malik Yusef: I had a rough copy of Sin City in New York at a friend of mine’s studio, and left both CDs in the recording room. This was when we were recording in New York, and when we switched to Hawaii, someone went into the studio and took the CDs. It is not the verse from the album version though, we can expect more targeted lyrics, melodies from singers, and other featured artists on the album version.

Perajok: While working on Cruel Summer did you help other G.O.O.D. Music members (beside Kanye) with their verses?

Malik Yusef: We all help each other. It’s a collective effort.

Perajok: You also working on Kanye & Jay-Z's next solo albums. What are the differences and similarities between those two projects?

Malik Yusef: The similarity is that they are both rappers and that is where the similarities end.

Perajok: You've been around G.O.O.D. Music for a long time. How the atmosphere in the company has changed since some of the original members are left and a lot of new people was signed?

Malik Yusef: I think it is pretty much the same, Kanye and I still argue and fight and try to tear each other’s skin off in an effort of making good songs.

Perajok: Do you think Cyhi, D'banj or Teyana Taylor are better artists than GLC, Consequence & Tony Williams?

Malik Yusef: I think they are all very different and unique artists. I think Tony has one of the best voices in music history, I know GLC on personal levels. I love what GLC and Really Doe have done, and I love what Teyana and CyHi are doing.

Perajok: Your 2009 album G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night in fact was the original first G.O.O.D. Music compilation. Almost everyone from the team was on it - from Really Doe to Mr Hudson. Why it wasn't as big as Cruel Summer?

Malik Yusef: With GOOD Morning GOOD Night there were business and legal issues that took place. However we are going to be rereleasing it very soon.

Perajok: What's next for you as a solo artist?

Malik Yusef: I am working on my GOOD Music album and continuing to push art forward, mastering beautiful sound, becoming a better artist for the people that love me, and a better me so that my art will love me.

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