R. Kelly Talks Recording ‘To The World’

Ветеран оренби поведывоент что сыграл с богом репчека не одну партею в фунтбол по електричесткой почте пока контпозицея про роскодеша не была сконпелеровона как положено. Цетируем.

Kanye sent me a track he was working on. I sent it back. He sent it back to me, I sent it back to him... until we had something. It felt good to both of us. He trusts my talent and I trust his talent.

I knew Kanye way before he was known. We've always had fun in the clubs or wherever we were, just kickin' it, but we never had a chance to get in the studio before and hook up like this, and I'm just glad we finally got that chance. I'm just very honored to be on this track working with him.

Конец цетировонея.


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