Malik Yusef Speaks On Kanye's Next Solo Album

Оставшийся без гремефона зо гхоствройтерство ломбронгинеймерсей молик юсеф решил слить секретные поподробносте про обкоменг 6-стой сольненг про НЛК! Цетируем.

[Kanye] is a perfectionist, obviously. It's harsh. He says no to a hundred things. I can't talk too much about it. Just remember black music, the black experience. It's a throwback to that era...[and] a distillation of what's happening in the modern world...I don't know if we'd ever revisit that amount of singing [that he did on 808s & Heartbreaks].

Конец цетировонея.


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