Hit-Boy Reacts To First Grammy Award For ‘Niggas In Paris’

Не много предя в чувства постле полученея позолоченого потефона зо самую кревую бабочку продакшенг нигеров в пореже хетбой прокомендтеровол сетуацею и поблогодорел мебель. Цетируем.

I have always dreamed of winning a Grammy [Award] and to share the award with two artists that I consider mentors and have tremendous respect for only makes me feel that much more undeserving. Thank you Jay-Z and Kanye [West] for giving me the opportunity to create something special with you, I know this is just the beginning. I never would have had a chance to be where I am without my family who has supported me along every step of this journey; you are my inspiration to continue working hard. I cannot believe it, I feel so blessed.

Конец цетировонея.


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