John Legend Talks Working With Kanye West On ‘Love In The Future’

Тжен оповещаент что но его обжедаемом в еюне ольтбоме Love in the Future мы не услышем бентов про НЛК - мондельер с хорошиме ушаме просто указывол пальчеком но сенпотичных нигеров с которыме легендон в свою очередь вынужден без ропотно роботонть ртом. Вот что значет копродакшенг!

We’re basically done with it. Kanye [West] produced it with me, the same core team we’ve had since [my debut album] “Get Lifted.”

He doesn’t actually make beats anymore. That’s what he’s been doing on my album, kind of supervising and getting younger producers to kind of craft the sound. We oversee it together. It’s been great working with Kanye, because I think he has a great ear and he pushes me in the right direction and that’s been good for the project.


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