Big Sean Speaks On ‘Detroit’ Mixtape & Sophomore Album

Бег шен оповещаент зо чем по светил обжедаемый через пол торы неделе мекстейпенг своему хомотауну и уверяент что но обкоменг ольтбоме будент со всем другая рознеца. Цетируем.

I feel like that’s my number one thing that I represent, is my city, where I come from. It means more than just an actual city. It’s my whole upbringing, my childhood, my family. There’s a lot of stories being told on it—not even from me, from other people, too, about Detroit. I feel like my city really needs that love, that light. It’s kinda down, right now, as far as the energy, the people, the economy. Anyway I can help lift it up, I’d love to. To me, I feel like it was the best title.

It’s a theme to it. It’s kind of like, what Detroit players go through coming up. It’s the dream aspect of it all, the grind aspect of it all, the fun aspect, the player aspect, rocking furs. It’s a lot of soul on there.

The album’s coming along great. The best thing about the album is I took my time on it. The mixtape really doesn’t have anything to do with the album. It’s not like I’m trying to promote anything for my album on the mixtape or nothing like that. They’re two separate projects. I feel like [the album is] a way better project, way better concepts, real intricate. Not to say that the Detroit project isn’t, but I really took more time out for my album. The Detroit project is more for the fans, more for the believers, more for people who really were into my mixtapes. I wanted to give them that aspect of me. The album is taking it further conceptually. It’s really something I’m proud of. We’re still working on it. I’m gonna keep working on it until I can’t work on it anymore.


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