Big Sean Reveals ‘Detroit’ Mixtape Features

Беой оповещаент зо чем решил дропнуть мекстейпенг в место того чтобы сразу ольтбом о так же оповещаент что через 2-ве неделе мы услышем его колобобрацее с гейколом, коричневой крысой, сочным тжеем (охгад!), везкхолефой и еще хуже. Цетируем.

A lot of people don't want me to do it because they are saying 'man, the album is what it is and I don't know why you want to drop a mixtape. But I ain't doing it to let people know where I'm artistically at, I'm doing an album to let people know where I'm artistically at. I'm doing an album to change the world. I'm doing a mixtape because that's how I came up. That's where a lot of my core fan base is, my core believers, and people who believe in me.

The only reason why I haven't put it out yet is because I just didn't want to put anything on there that we really could have used on the album. I wanted to be comfortable with every single thing. That was the only hold up. We've been rocking to it and listening to it and we've got a lot of good people on there. The mixtape has J.Cole, Chris Brown, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, you know, good ass features.

It's just completely different from the album. The album is just that step up for real. Mixtape shit, you don't have to worry about samples, you don't have to worry about continuity, it's really about just having fun.

The album has really been concentrated on and I kept telling myself I wasn't going to put out the mixtape until the album was done. We shot a couple of promo videos for the mixtape a minute ago with songs that we knew were going to be on there. All that is ready to go, there just hasn't been an urgent rush for me to drop it. I might as well just get it exactly how I want it and then do it.

Конец цетировонея.


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