Pusha T Reveals What He Can't Reveal About ‘Cruel Summer’

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I've done about 20 verses, but the album's still a mystery to me because I don't know what's made it and what hasn't. It wouldn't be right if the element of surprise wasn't there for everybody involved except Kanye. That's his magic, man.

There is some guest production. But I've never heard anyone say in an interview who else is up there production-wise, so I don't want to be the one to spoil it.

In the studio there would be sheets of paper that said, 'No tweeting, no talking, no emailing, no anything. Do not talk to anybody outside of this studio room.' Then there happened to be a leak, and I remember Kanye ranting and raving, like, 'Fuck this! We're not going to ever work there again! We're going to work in hotel rooms!'

'Ye would call me and be like, 'Yo, I've got this ill beat. I'd be like, 'All right, send it to me.' And he'd say, 'No, I'm not emailing it.' We get bogus emails from each other, from hackers. I don't even open my emails. If [West's tour manager] Don C. emails me something, before I touch it, I call Don and say, 'Don, did you email me?' So with that being said, I understand keeping things quiet.


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