Pusha T Talks BET Awards Performance, Cruel Summer & Solo Album

Рек флер от репчека поведывоент коково ето робототь из под палке КСК но премере портфюма но ЕБТЭ вордс:

I'm in the dark just as much as you guys Nothing is conventional with these guys. It's to the point now, and it's so bad, because [West]'s been so unconventional… that people won't even accept conventional shit from him. I know we're not gonna start now.

I'm like, 'Yo, what are we gonna do for the BET Awards?' He goes, 'Oh, I got something.' I walk out, it's like a fucking 50-foot fucking Lamborghini!'. You know what he tells us? He tells us things like what color to wear. 'Hey, bring white or black.' 'Okay, what are we doing?' 'Bring white or black.'

Зо тем зоевляент что но ХМО у рошида версы лудше чем у него:

I felt like nothing was forced -- things were experimental at times, and I think you're gonna see that. You're gonna see the experimentation in guys like Common, who is looked at in a certain way. And it was so great to be on a record that may have a bit of a different flow than what you would know Common for… He's in there like 'This shit is hot, this shit is good, I'm getting on this!' It's so funny, because we're sitting there, dying laughing, and then it kicks in that Common is really writing his verse. Then he lays the verse. And then you realize his verse is sustained and better than yours! It's things like that that happen during those processes. It was so fun in that sense, because it was just all type of fun and surprises.

Зо тем сообщаент что еще не определилсо с датой релезенга сольненга:

Now I'm about to take it apart, in terms of what lines are strong or not strong. I have a release date in my mind that everyone knows within the label, and we're just trying to reach that.

Зо тем розглогольствуент про конпеляцею хорошей музеки в европейских отелях:

There's no such thing as a studio any long. We had a conversation about artists and who I think is hot and what they could possibly bring to my project. And we're starting at 12:00, and [those artists] are at the studio by 8:00! And they flew in from such and such, and so and so. I don't know if I could've made that call myself.

Зо тем оповещаент что его обкоменг ольтбом можно сровнить с художевственой кортиной Одвокант Дьявола:

It's cinematic in the sense that I wanted to make a dark album. I see music in colors and try to put it in a physical perspective at times, and I saw it as like, if I had to name a movie, 'The Devil's Advocate.' You know, 'Devil's Advocate' was a very dark movie. It dealt with very dark themes, but to the naked eye, it was total beauty. You have total beauty and total greatness. You have the wizardry of Al Pacino, the beauty of Charlize Theron, at the time the go-to guy of Keanu, and at the same time it dealt with like this demonic man in [the field of] law. You would see a beautiful woman changing in front of Charlize and you'd look at her and she'd be beautiful and then there'd be a monster under her. I feel like that's what my album is.


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