GLC - Honored Society (Episode 3)

Третья серея кременольного реолетей шоу про нигеров носящая нозванее Rules & Parameters длитсо не петноцеть о уже целых 22-ве менуты - того и гледи скоро круглосуточно тронслеровонть будут! Ниже онотацея от сомого изма.

The laws exercise their ratchetness as they pop the pockets of G Willie & Red. They are in pursuit of Sentrell’s killer & will stop at nothing to solve the crime. Ice Cat visits from St Louis out of concern for Lu Lu and his new found ways. Bishop & Moochie pick their homie up from the county jail as they go on a ride. It’s real in this Honored Society. Grow with us.

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