2 Chainz Talks Kanye Relationship & G.O.O.D. Music Affiliation

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Why was it important for you to be here to represent G.O.O.D. Music?

Kanye has been supporting my campaign for a while now. He’s been intricate in a lot of my decision making, as far as the artistic part. Not the music—I have the gist of what I want to do and what I want to put out—but just taking it to the next level, as far as your stage presence and props and different things like that, as far as photo. So I felt like they needed me here. I showed up ready to swag up, on camera, and it’s just a blessing to be a part of such a cool-ass group of individuals, who all have a certain level of skills that I just respect, from the bottom to the top. So I’m here, man. It’s your player partner 2 Chainz.

Ever since Kanye tweeted “2 Chainz is charging 100k for a verse now cause he’s G.O.O.D.!!!!!!” back in May, people have been wondering if you’re signed to G.O.O.D. Music. What’s really good?

My situation with G.O.O.D. is that I’m family. Period. People want to know what’s the paperwork and I’m not into that. I’m not into really putting a lot of my business in the streets. What people need to know is that I have a great relationship with G.O.O.D. Music

Do I feel like I’m good? Hell yeah, but it’s always good when someone else co-signs. It doesn’t feel like you’re tooting your own horn, so to speak. With ’Ye just expressing, I think a lot of people didn’t get the gist that we were talking about me swapping features with people. And he was just saying that I’m to a point now, where I really can’t swap out with anybody. So that’s what the initial tweet was about, it being 100K for me to get on your song, and if you didn’t have the 100K we can negotiate, or I wasn’t really tripping, because I’m trying to finish up my album, anyway.

So have you spent much time with the other guys in G.O.O.D., aside from Kanye? Have you had the chance to kick it with them?

I already knew everybody. I have a song with Pusha, CyHi’s from Atlanta, me and Big Sean have a song together. I just met Common, but I’ve been a fan of his music for a long time. I met Cudi before. I met everybody, and it’s a lot of love. The thing that I’m into is—using sports as an analogy—with music, it should be competitive. It should be exercise, and just being in this environment brings that vibe, that cool competitiveness.

Is there anyone in the crew you really want to collaborate with? Anyone you've clicked with?

Everybody, man. Me and Sean, we do dope stuff together. Me and Pusha, we like to talk that kitchen talk, that lingo, that trap talk. I’d love to get down with Common. I was just talking to him and I was telling him how cool it was to be an artist that’s in the middle, maybe Chiacgo or Atlanta. We’re not classified as a coast, so we’re able to take from each side. It’s kind of funny when a West Coast guy does some East Coast stuff and vice versa, but being from Chicago and Atlanta, we’re able to kind of dibble and dab and come up with a gumbo of music. That’s cool.

When did you actually record “Mercy,” and the other stuff you have on Cruel Summer?

I recorded “Mercy” a while back, in LA—It was fun. I recorded a couple songs that day, maybe two or three songs. I didn’t know it was going to be a single. The position that I’m in now, I do a lot of seed planting. I just do stuff all the time, in different places, and it just depends on when stuff starts growing and bringing attention to itself. I didn’t even know that was going to happen, but it’s good for my resume.

How much direct involvement has Kanye had in your solo album?

Me and Kanye will collab on a few ideas for my album, but I don’t want my album to be solely based on what Kanye’s doing. I have a lot of good energy to bring to the game, and I can’t wait to just express it. August the 14th can’t come quick enough.

Everybody talks about how Kanye’s a perfectionist and can be hard to work with. Has that been your experience?

I think it’s dope, because I am too. I’m an only child. I’m a Virgo. Some of those characteristics make me really picky about certain things before they go out: mixing, mastering. On my mixtapes, that’s what separated me from a lot of people: the details that I put into my actual mixtapes, which were photoshoots, videos, I mixed songs, I mastered original compositions. So I’m detailed as well. It doesn’t really get on my nerves, I appreciate it.


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