S1 Talks ‘Cruel Summer’ & Kanye's Next Solo Album

Сотруднек ОХБ (продюсорского подрозделенея ХМ) сенболек вон сообщаент что отправел кучу бентов для Cruel Summer о так же обкоменг сольненга про НЛК и оповещаент чего обжедать от плостенок.

What have you been working on recently?

S1: A lot of Kanye [West] records, man. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff with him. Working on his solo [album], working on stuff with that. And then the G.O.O.D. Music [Cruel Summer] album, doing a lot of stuff for that.

Okay, so what is this Kanye West solo album sounding like so far?

Well, he’s actually just now getting into it. The tracks he’s got from me, he’s got a lot of different types of tracks. So, I really don’t know the direction yet because it’s real early on. But as far as what he’s gotten from me, he’s actually gotten like 21 joints from me. In between all those tracks it’s not just one specific sound, so it’ll definitely be something super dope. You know how he does it.

What is your beat submission process to Kanye compared to your beat submission process to other artists?

Um, I guess it’s pretty much the same. You know I’m actually signed to Kanye as a producer, to his Very G.O.O.D. Beats [production company], so he gets first dibs on everything. I send it straight to Kanye. That’s how it is with artists I work with directly. I send it directly to them; they give me feedback. They tell me what they’re needing, direction to where they’re going. You know, so it’s more of a connection. Then you have some projects that I may not be directly involved with the artist, so there’s a third person or A&R involved so that’s completely different from having a personal relationship with somebody and being able to directly build ideas from them. So I would say that’s pretty much the difference.

When I send Kanye stuff I try to specifically…because he always gives me the direction. I’ll ask what are you looking for. He’ll tell me do this. So I always have that creative input from him. It always helps in what I create.

Now, how is this G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer album sounding, man?

It’s sounding good. I was actually in New York with 'Ye about a month and a half ago and he played me a few records and it sounded really dope, man. It’s like on some Trap-meets-futuristic type vibe, you know. You know with 'Ye, he’s always trying to push the envelope. He’s always trying to create something new. So, there are elements of the now, and then there are elements of the way later as well. You know he’s always trying to create something that’s refreshing or whatever. So I’m excited to see what the final cuts are gonna be and everything as a whole, as an album just to hear it. But, of course everybody is stepping up their game from Big Sean, Pusha T, of course Kanye, just the whole G.O.O.D. Music team stepping it up.


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