Kim Kardashian Talks Kanye West With Oprah

Ормянокореянка поведывоент опре как НЛК стал ее ЛК (и зо чем). Естле в вашем негодном регеоне не роботоент екран ниже буквы.

We met maybe almost a decade ago, I’ve known him for a really long time, we’ve been friends for like six or seven years, so it’s very comforting to have someone that knows everything about you that respects you, understands, has gone through similar things. I can really relate to his mother passing, he can really relate to my father passing. I mean, there’s so many similarities in our life that I feel like I’m at a really happy, good space. I don’t know why it took so long for us to kind of get together. But I think I needed to go through all my experiences and some that he’s gone through.

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