Hit-Boy Talks ‘Jay-Z Interview’ & Working With Justin Bieber

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I felt like it was super personal. It really was relatable to my last couple years and what I’ve been going through and what I’ve been experiencing. I felt like it was something that the people needed to hear. That’s why I waited so long to get that perfect visual. It came together at the right time. My boy Jelani, who always follows me around—I take him with me when I go oversees and stuff like that—we just had all this great footage and wanted to put something super personal together just to let people get some insight as to what happens on the daily for me. I feel like that translated and people are connecting.

I had that title way before I had the song. When I finally linked up with Bink! [who produced the record], I heard that beat and it was a perfect beat for ‘Jay-Z Intreview.’ When you listen to a Jay-Z interview, you follow every word, and it’s compelling, and I just felt like I wanted to make a rap where you wanted to listen to every line from top to bottom.

I got some new ’Ye stuff—should be coming in the next few weeks. I got a Justin Bieber and Drake collab on Justin Bieber’s new album [Believe, due out June 19]. My boy hooked me up with Bieber close to two years ago, and we just connected. He liked pretty much every beat I played him, and from that first batch I had gave him, he didn’t use any of those, but we reconnected again and I gave him three or four beats and he ended up using the joint. I went to the studio and he played me the joint, it was crazy.


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