Mr Hudson Talks Jay-Z vs Kanye, Scoring Anime & More

Бен поведал как стал автором соунтрека нового мультфельма для онимешников Children of Ether, прокомендтировол разногласия иезуса и иеговы, сообщил где его твортческие планы и еще там.

Since you've worked with Jay Z and Kanye West, do you have any comment on the rumored feud going on between the two?
It's tricky for me to speak on that stuff. I think that they're like brothers right. Since "Big Brother." Those guys, they've been working together for twenty years so I'm sure it's all good. You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. That sounds really deep but it also kind of sums up what I'm talking about. I haven't spoken to either of them recently so it's all good. I can't speak on it, you know what I mean? I'm kind of busy running around doing my own thing as well so we're not at brunch saying "oh my God, what did he say?" It's not like that. It'd be boring if everyone was just playing happy families all the time.

How did you get involved with LeSean Thomas and Children of Ether?
You know the funny thing was the first music for a picture that I did, was working with the GOOD Music guys on a movie that never came out [Cruel Summer]. You know, as is the case with most creative things, not everything comes out. But I had a little bit of experience doing that. LeSean had really come up to me. He's a fan of the whole GOOD Music family and I think one of his big references for Children of Ether was 808s & Heartbreak. He gave me complete creative control to dial that in with an ear to where we are sonically in 2016, at that point. It was a very pleasurable process for me because I just made a ton of music and I sent it all to him and he would cherry-pick what worked in terms of mood.

Through the process, I was watching the aesthetic develop and the story develop. So I could marinate in that, you know, I wasn’t just shooting in the dark. It has a lovely sort of muted 90s feel, Children of Ether. So I could definitely hark back to watching manga as a teenager in England.

You've worked with so many people. Idris Elba, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Duran Duran, Future, etc. Who else do you want to work with?
I've been working with Jake Shears on his new record, writing some songs with him. I'm like Jason Bourne, just drop me in anywhere and I'll do some damage. I love going back to London and I'm working with up-and-coming people like Moss Kena. Moss is incredible. KP Cooper, "September Song" and his new song "She's On My Mind." That just dropped this week.

The challenge for me is finding time for my own stuff and people hit me up everyday and are like "what the fuck Hudson, you haven't put a record out since like last millennium." So, I'm finally gonna put some new music out. I'm mixing a song today with Kilhoffer. I'm really excited I'm shooting the video tomorrow. It's called “Can’t Forget You.” I'm just finally organizing my time and my new thing is get up, make a cup of coffee and then just go ham all day. I'm just on some kind of beast mode in the last couple of months. Maybe I've changed something in my diet or something but the last couple of months I've been working eight days a week. It also might be [that] I've been following a couple motivational speeches on Instagram. You know, the guys and girls who shout at you about "yes you can achieve xy and z." I'm definitely Mr. Hudson 2.0 or 3.0 mode at the moment. Beast mode. I'm saying red 100 emojis, italicized, underlined.

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