Kacy Hill for Playboy

Кеся продемонстреровола свое страшное нижнее белье и хилое туловище главному журналу для изврощенцев Playboy о так же поведала как познокомелась с НЛК.

You met Kanye through his go-to artist Vanessa Beecroft. How did that come about?
This American Apparel photographer that I worked with for a long time was like, “Do you want to go to this Kanye audition?” And I was like, “Uh, okay.” And so I went to the audition. I thought it was mostly gonna be American Apparel girls, but it was so many dancers and then a few American Apparel girls just kind of very confused in the corner because the dancers were doing full-on choreography. They’re whipping their hair and crawling on the floor, and we’re literally cowering in the corner. But then they were like, “Well, just move like normal people.” So we were moving around like we were in the club or something and I was like, “Uh, uh,” just looking real uncomfortable and weird. It was honestly so weird. And then Kanye came through once they were starting to make cuts. I had never been at a dance audition like that, and I have a whole new respect for dancers and their career process and how intense it is to go through those auditions. It is so cutthroat. And they are very vicious just in the room, cutting people left and right. You don’t even find out later; you’re just in there.

What was that first meeting with Kanye like?
The very first meeting was at that audition, and I was just like, “Wow.” He looked very shiny. He just had a lot of jewelry on and I was like freshly out of Arizona and I was like, "I’ve never seen someone with so much money.”

You don’t even stop at jewelry; you go right to money.
Yeah. Like a total dweeb. I was just in awe. And then I think the more that you get exposed to the entertainment industry, you’re like, “Ah, people are just people.” But, for me, it was a shock to see someone that big. I was like, “Oh, I used to run on the treadmill to Graduation.”

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