Pusha T Talks Working With Kanye West On ‘King Push’

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That mentality is at work on King Push, his third solo album, due out this year. When Kanye West, who’s also in Pusha’s age bracket, heard Pusha’s initial ideas, he suggested the two hole up and work in Utah. To date, West has produced almost half of it.

“Superhero production meets superhero raps,” Pusha says. “We spend our days listening to music. Not even rapping so much. I’ll be like, ‘WOW, that’s hot,’ and he’ll be like, ‘Yeah, that’s sorta hot, ain’t it?’ Then he starts doing his beat thing, and I’ll find something in what he’s recording and he’ll give me four bars of that and I’ll take that into another engineering room. I’ll loop that 24 bars, however long I think it should be, and I’ll write verses to that. Then I’ll give him my verses and be like, ‘That’s what I think to that.’”

A perfectionist, Pusha says his process is painstaking, but around West, he accelerates his pace. “When I’m around him, I gotta keep his interest,” he says. “Man, listen. That guy got trillions of people bothering him all day long. So if he’s taking the time to be like, ‘Hey, let’s go somewhere and lock in on this,’ I wanna keep the momentum going. If it’s taking too long on a verse, I’ll put whatever I got down, and be like, ‘Here, this is what I’m thinking, but let’s move on.’ That way I can keep surprising him.”

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