CyHi The Prynce Reveals ‘No Dope On Sundays’ Producers

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From one to 100 percent, how finished are you with the album right now?

Oh man, I'm at about 85%. Yeah, it's there, we're just mixing and mastering at this point.

I'm about to drop my new single [with Schoolboy Q], so we gotta get it all together to let people know that the first bomb is coming. It'll be out before June 11th.

What producers have you worked with on the album?

Outside of my in-house producer, I have S1 on the album, Honorable C-Note, Shawty Redd, Lex Luger — I just want that vibe of early Atlanta days.

And who's the executive producer of the album?

Right now it is Kanye West but we're working with Mike Dean as well. I started the album with Kanye, but then he got ill, so I didn't get to go into the studio with him a lot. So it's me, Mike, and Ye. I got the first part of the album from Ye, then I went and got Mike Dean's expertise.

I know you've said that the G.O.O.D. Music album Cruel Winter has been complete for a while, but has any progress been made on putting that out?

Well Ye's back working on some music — I don't know what he's actually working on, I just know he's in the studio. But hopefully we get that done. All we need is really me and Travis Scott, but I hope we get it done.


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