Big Sean Details New Album ‘I Decided’

Беой тжей номекнул чего еще обжедать от его конпелируемого уже полтора гонда обкоменг ольтбома I Decided. К плостинке вероятно по всему преложили рты бруно морс, форел и еще там.

“That’s not something that people expect from a Big Sean project, so I’m happy we are delivering something unexpected. I’m excited to push the culture and push my artistry to the limit.”

“I was just at this Motown exhibit with Berry Gordy with my mom. He was talking about Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and the Temptations and how one of the things they did was inspire people. They inspired people to have a good time, to do better — to be a better version of themselves. That really stuck with me. That’s what I want to do, too.”

As for the album’s overarching story, Sean is delivering a tale of a man who gets reborn — something he personally identifies with. “I [told my friend], ‘Sometimes I feel like I was an old man and didn’t succeed in life and asked for a second chance, and this is my second chance.’ He was like, ‘Make that the album.’ People who can be inspired by it, that’s who I’m doing it for. Everybody else can f— off or whatever.”

And while the goal is lofty, musically, he’s sticking with his proven sound: heavy trap beats and endlessly quotable rhymes. “You don’t want to overdo it. I’m not trying to sit here and preach to people. You can get [a message] across with a song like ‘Bounce Back.’ We’ve all bounced back from something before, so that fits my story perfect, but you never would have known that from hearing it by itself.”


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