Young Chop Talks Working On Kanye’s Next Album

Енгчоп сообщил что сконпелеровол суперзожегательный хит для обжедаемого осенью ольтбома про НЛК и поведол коково ето зомутить со своим генеальным односельчаненом. Цетируем.

I do got some shit on 'Ye's album. That song that we have is a hit. I’m talking about a super hit. Crazy shit.

I just heard a snippet and what I heard, it was a hit. I can’t describe it; it was on some other shit.

He like a talented-ass nigga. He knows what the fuck he needs, he know what he wants. I work with a lot of niggas; he’s one of the most creative niggas I ever worked with. He was in on every session. Just really coaching niggas on how to make shit sound great. That’s what I learned. When you hear my new shit, all that shit I learnt from 'Ye. Diddy too. Just really perfecting this shit. It don’t really be that hard to it, just be like some simple shit to make it really bigger than what it is. I was just sitting back studying them. Like I was around No I.D. studying too. I’ve been in this shit, I’ve been studying. That’s why I kept coming with stuff. But my new shit, it's over.


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