Consequence Speaks On ‘Bottle Girls (Remix)’ & ‘The Whole World’

Декстер поведывоент как зомутил с меком вольдсом (в след зо королем толчков), сообщаент что мы устлышем ремексенг контпозицее про безштанных офецанток не раньше чем увидем (через пару недель) о так же уведомляент что колобобрацею с морком крозером The Whole World тоже стоет обжедать в овгусте в месте с екронезацеей. Цетируем.

I'm good friends with Ne-Yo and me and Mack actually met through Ne-Yo. He's like, yo I'm a really big fan. I stopped by the studio and, literally the day he came through, I was like, man he would really sound good on the "Bottle Girls" joint. So we did it in one take. I wanted to put somebody on it and I had a couple different ideas as far as rappers to be on it, but then after really thinking it over, I thought it would be dope if I had one of the girls who I mentioned in the record rap on it. I picked a couple brains and I had found out that Blu Gem sang. I said, well maybe it might be the same kind of situation like when I worked with John Legend and I had him rap on my album. Pretty much if a singer is a good singer, they'll be able to catch the rhythm of a rap. So I wrote a joint for her and she killed it. That's how we got to that. The record is dope. And I wanted to put the video out the same as I drop the record. We're actually shooting the video for the record that nobody's heard yet, but I know that it's that fresh.

There are two records I want to talk about right now. The Kid Capri one and off the cuff, I have a record with Mark Crozer called "The Whole World." Mark Crozer is the guy who performs "Live in Fear." Thats the WWE Wyatt family's entrance music. We did a duet called "The Whole World" which is inspired by the Wyatt family story line and their characters. That's coming out. I'm shooting the video for that and it's coming out in August. It's really a big record.


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