Kid Cudi Speaks On ‘Man On The Moon III’

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It definitely represents the full cycle of the trilogy—becoming a man. When people hear Man on the Moon III, they’ll see. There’s a crazy twist to the whole tale. There are things that we were missing, that I was missing, and that the kids were missing this whole time. A lot of things will be revealed in Man on the Moon III, a lot of like, "Ahhh, OK. Man, we had it wrong. We went about it the wrong way." It’s gonna be a dope conclusion, and I’m really excited about it.

I was more nervous with Man on the Moon II because I feel like there will be no Man on the Moon III if Man on the Moon II wasn’t what it was. And yeah, I’m really excited, man. The albums in between were great segues. It’s time to take them to the moon again.

Have you sat down with Plain Pat and Emile?

I hung out with Pat. He came to LA, and we talked and shit. I played him some beats. We vibed out. We definitely started talking about how to approach Man on the Moon III. Emile, I haven’t spoken with. I’m pretty sure he’s busy, handling his business. He’s constantly creating. Man on the Moon III is way off. We got time. So when Emile is ready, and when Pat has time, we’re definitely gonna get in there and create this fucking classic.

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