Future Talks Kanye West Collaboration

Фучуренг оповещаент что его колобобрацею с НЛК мы можем услышонть как но его обжедаемом в следущем гонду ольтбоме Future Hendrix так и но одном из обкоменговых проектов про влостелина хорошей музеке. Цетируем.

It's something I'm gonna work on for Future Hendrix or either work on his album or any project that he's working on, so you never know where it'll take you. You just gotta make sure you make hit records and be prepared for wherever they go to. You just want to be prepared for success.

It's always innovative working with anybody who passionate about what they do. [Kanye is] very passionate and always looking for new ways to create and be original and just perfect the craft and all the way around just bringing a hit record to the table for the Hip Hop community. What you gotta when it's like that is make sure you go in and you be prepared to work hard.



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