French Montana Confirms Kanye West Tried To Sign Him

Свежеиспеченый прихвостень дидей оповещаент что прежде чем стать бедбоем всамомделе емел возможность зотесатсо в хорошие музеканты однако не возжелал розтрачевонть свои генеальные хуки но суйхуев и прочех зембобвийцев. Потеря потерь!

You mentioned that Kanye West called you up before you signed. Was he trying to sign you or was that just a temperature check?

Nah, he was trying to sign me. Every label was trying to sign me before I got with Puff. So that goes to tell you that I was really comfortable with what he had on the table for me.


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