D'Banj Talks Kanye West & G.O.O.D. Music Album

Самый мутный прихвостень НЛК д'ебонж поведол что удостоелсо преложить рот к ольтбому про хороших музекантов и перечислел некоторые теплые слова про своего хозяена. Между того но обкоменг сольненге про нигерийского нигера обжедаютсо почти все товарещи по роботе.

How close are you to Kanye?

Hes a creative genius. What surprised me is he understood where i was coming from, said i don’t wanna change ur music. He is a workaholic. He is a professional.

Are you on the G.O.O.D. Music album?

Yes I am. I am on the album. Everyone has to come in from everywhere else. We have done a couple of tracks. I don’t know what (tracks) we will take. We are doing 30-40 tracks.

Where you nervous working with Kanye?

I was nervous in the studio with him. Its the little things (he picks up on). Its the funny Adlibs that mattered!

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