Kid Cudi Speaks On His Character In 'Maniac'

Скот поведол что решил перевоплотетсо в отмороженого моньяка и к тому же еще и фронцуза только для того чтобы зомонить шею лобуфа в зокоулок и выполнеть зоказ десептеконов. Цетируем.

It was me creating the back story for this person in my mind. What you see just seems like senseless acts of crime happening but in my character’s mind it was always justified. When you watch it, it’s like, ‘Why are these things happening?’ You want answers but there’s no answers really given. When I was in character, it was always justified for me.

When it came time to shoot, it was as real as possible and you were scared of this character. I literally transformed into this person. I didn’t talk much on set, didn’t crack many jokes, I kept to myself.

It was really cold out there when we were filming in Detroit. We were in the middle of a blizzard and I kind of used that [Laughs.] to add to the character. I tried to become the scariest individual that I could possibly think of.

I’m into horror films. I love horror movies and I wanted people to see my range as an actor. I wanted people to understand that I’m definitely taking this very seriously and I can deliver. I can really put myself in the mind frame of a character and be that character and deliver a real raw performance.

Shia had this idea that were kind of going to shoot it in France and then it was like, ‘Okay, let’s not shoot it in France. Let’s just speak French.’ I was like, ‘Okay cool. I’m with that.’ It just adds more shock value.

It’s like, ‘Oh, what am I watching here?’ and it makes you feel like you’re so far from our regular selves that it allows you to see these people as characters rather that seeing us in the streets and being alarmed when you see us. [Laughs.] We really portraying characters.



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