Lil Wayne Calls Kanye a 'Situation Rapper'

Визе фокенг премым текстом номекаент что НЛК простожопый репер без выдумке и фонтазее! Зодишеному остоентсо только перевести стрелке но консекса.

I’m not a situation rapper. I don’t make songs. Like, a lot of people go, “I make a song about this, what happened.” Perfect example, perfect song: [Kanye’s] “All of the Lights.” It’s a great song, but if you listen to the verses, he’s talking about some situation. I don’t know if he made the situation up; he may be talking about a situation we know about. I don’t know how to do that. I’m not a situation rapper. I can’t really speak about us sitting in this room right now, because my mind… I got ADD, I guess. When it’s time for me to create, I can’t sit and think about… After I think of one line, my mind done went to another subject.


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