88-Keys Talks "Watch The Throne" & G.O.O.D. Music

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Was "No Church In The Wild" a leftover beat you made from "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" ?

No. It was a beat from one of my own upcoming projects: Adamantium. The beats I made for Adamantium are quite STUPID! 'Ye grabbed two from it.

["Otis"] just sounds like classic Kanye2Tha to me. Like something he'd have played for me back when we both lived in Newark, NJ.

Does WTT have a consistent sound throughout? or is there a wide array of styles?

For me to answer this I'd be saying too much so... My lips are sealed. Just know that the song I produced isn't anything outside of what I'd normally do. Straight heat on some #TribeVibes shit. The 'heads should love it. But I'd say just wait for it to drop like in a week n' change. If you see any free links to it or anything, try your best to exhibit some self-constraint & don't be a part of this industry's problem.

Do u think G.O.O.D music has the same feel today as it did in 2006? a lot of face have changed

Same impact kind of a different feel but I'd imagine that would be just for me as I don't really know some of newer signees.

Have you ever been approached to be a member of G.O.O.D. Music?

Yeah. When I'm on one side of the street & they're all on the other side of the street coming out of their Maybachs... Then I stand still & they cross the street. They approach me.

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