Big Sean On “Whatever You Want” Leak

Темвременем как вскоре мы услышем суперхелореусную пленку где шен ентересуентсо у семнтекса девствительно ле мы ирена понорошку и тот подтверждаент будте любезны отрывок из ентровья с Ozonemag в котором бой комендтируент наши леке. Етот мололетний булшитер похоже досехпор не понел но сколько важен был наш мекстейпенг и что он сам себя зогнал в ету яму =\. Фокбой неблогодарный.

It’s super frustrating when your shit leaks, especially when ideas are premature. For instance, a song like “Way Out,” featuring Mr. Hudson, that song is completely different. I have different verses, added shit to it, it’s a different song and that leaked. And even the song with Drake, that song was different, and now it’s kinda ruined cause it got spoiled. And now I can’t even use it for my album. And then “Whatever You Want,” the one with Kanye, that’s completely different now too. So it’s kinda like a big spoiler. I don’t think people understand how big of a deal it is, and how much it means and how much time artists spend on their music. And people want to leak it just to get the most hits on their website, it’s really fucking with people’s lives. But you can’t do nothing but keep moving and keep stacking songs. And I got a whole bunch of songs people haven’t heard that’s ten times better, so I ain’t even trippin’.

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