GLC – Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism (Mixtape)

Все внеманее - предольбомный терахек мекстейпенг про желесея где так же поют и тонцуют тжен легендон, рыледо, бомптжей и тому тогдалее! Love, Life & Loyalty но полках 12 октебря!

GLC – Respect My Come Up Vol. 2: The Ism

1.) The Ghetto Intro
2.) City On 10 (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
3.) Run For Yo Life (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
4.) Life on Mars feat. Mars
5.) Let Me Demonstrate feat. John Legend (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
6.) Super Lame (Remix) (Willie Stylez feat. GLC)
7.) G On His Dollarz (Prod. by C-Sick)
8.) MHCC (Snippet) feat. Byrd Dre
9.) Clockin’ Lotsa Dollarz feat. Bun B & GLC (Prod. by Xcel)
10.) Church On The Move Again (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
11.) Success feat. Really Doe (Prod. by No ID)
12.) Concept Embracement
13.) KPGS
14.) Autumn On They Mind (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
15.) In It For Keeps (Prod. by Keezo Kane)
16.) Pimpin’ Institute (Prod. by Dae Dae)
17.) Natural Born Hustla feat. by BJ the Chicago Kid
18.) She Tellin’ Me (Prod. Keezo Kane)
19.) Walk On feat. Gaggie (Prod. by Gaggie)
20.) Sleepy feat. Shawnna & Upmost (Prod. by Upmost)
21.) The Big Knot feat. Bump J (Prod. by Sean Breeze)
22.) Fell Back feat. P Wonda

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