Sheck Wes on Teaching Kanye, Out-Rapping Migos & More

19-телетний манекенщик кадимо рассол чех фол более менее езвестный как шеквес зоевляент что молодые реперки ноподобе лил пампа выезжают только за счет модных битков, негодует что старые нигеры типа гейкола, дрезедрейка и уя умеют в репчик хуже него но почему то более популярны, оповещаент что недавно вынес мигососов из студее вперед ногами, сообщаент что не конпелируент траки с езвестными продюсорами вовсе не потому что с таким дегенератом никто не хочет работать, уведомляент чему научил НЛК (почти всему), розглогольствуент про свой обкоменг прожект Mudboy и придуманный им жанр "биполярная музека" и тому тогдалее.

A lot of niggas are popping nowadays because of the beats. That’s why producers walk around with all this ice on them, because they the real stars. No shade, and shout out to Lil Pump, but on a track like “Gucci Gang” he’s not really saying much. “Live Sheck Wes” is the same type of song as [“Gucci Gang”]: One verse and the hook, and the song is over with. But the lyrics [in my song are] real! That’s why niggas fuck with it. That’s why older niggas respect my shit more. A nigga like J. Cole should never come for me! I would rap battle with J. Cole, I would diss the fuck out of that nigga. I’d diss Drake, all these niggas. Kanye, I don’t care. I been in a room with all the Migos and out-rapped niggas.

Instead of working with a lot of well-known beatmakers, you and your producers have developed your own aesthetic. What are you going for with your sound?

If I played the “Live Sheck Wes” beat right now, it would sound like an EDM beat—all the sounds in the beat are EDM sounds. It is amped-up, turn-up music. But I hate “Live Sheck Wes.”


Because people get lost in the energy and not my message. I’m talking about some shit! One thing I did for Kanye is just rap a lot of my songs without the beat; I was teaching him shit, and he was teaching me shit.

What can people expect from Mudboy as a full project?

It’s going to be a real emotional roller coaster. When someone from my label asked what type of genre the album is, I said, “I make bipolar music.” I make music for anything, niggas can run to this shit or cry to it, it don’t matter. It’s gonna have all of the crazy shit, all the chill shit, shit where I’m telling my story. There’s going to be shit where I’m rapping in my language [Wolof].

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