Valee Talks Relationship With G.O.O.D. Music

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I think I’m gonna give G.O.O.D. Music an album, or a project. I like their machine, and the fact that—well, I look at all these labels, and they seem like classrooms of artists. So I feel as though they got they favorites. I can’t go somewhere where there are nine other artists in the same damn field. You know, I love [300 Entertainment co-founder] Todd Moscowitz, he’s a good person. But over there, you got 10 artists that do trap music. I would be afraid that if I started spilling my creativity at one of these places, I would turn my back, and the teacher’s gonna be telling their favorite students: “Now that’s what you need to be doing.” Then I’m back at the drawing board. That stuff makes me stay exclusive to myself.

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