Tony Williams Discusses Kanye's Cancelled ‘Good Ass Job’ Album

В свези юбилея Graduation ТВФТВ порозглогольствовол стоило ли НЛК отказыватсо от зоключительной части своего школьного квадриптиха понд нозванее Good Ass Job. Цетируем.

They say life is about choices... making the right ones, that is. I can remember vividly the GRADUATION release and having the conversation that we had finally reached the third album of the tetralogy and saying, "Just one more to go (before GOOD ASS JOB)". When I look back ten years ago at the choice made not to pursue that GOOD ASS JOB, I ask myself, did I... he... did we make the right choice? I've contemplated... do we make those choices in life based on what we think will bring us the most personal satisfaction or do we make them based on what we believe to meet the approval of those dearest to us. As in Ye's case, such would have resulted in him pursuing that GOOD ASS JOB - going down the corporate route and making us all PROUD ASS PARENTS and us NOT missing the "Old Kanye"! Ultimately, my choice is to use all that is within to help keep the banner raised which proclaims: "Nobody can squeeze me into the box, the role, not even, the music genre that they have prepared for me." After all, isn't the end goal to get the MONEY (legally,lol), no matter what it takes.- TWFTW

Между того стало езвестно что к обкоменг ольтбому про тоню To Gain The World преложилес дондыч, маша омброзеус и многеи другие.


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