CyHi The Prynce Talks ‘Cruel Winter’, ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ Remix, Desiigner, Trump & More

Суйхуй ответел но вонтпросы нигерослушотелей но реддите где сообщил что уже преложил рот к непонятно когда обжедаемому секвелнту ХМО Cruel Winter, оповестил что вздропнет седекушную версею своего ремексенга Father Stretch My Hands в теченее несткольких недель, пообещал сколобобрировонтсо с дезнигером, прокомендтировол встречу НЛК с трампом, оскорбил чувства онимешников и еще там.

is Cruel Winter really coming?


Got any verses on Cruel Winter?


Will you ever release your Father stretch my hands remix?

yeah, I will do it in a few weeks

Whats your favourite song that you've worked on?

Real Friends.

What 1 rapper dead or alive would you want to collaborate with the most?

Wow... hmm... That's a hard one. Kendrick.

Who's your favorite new wave artist?

Kodak Black

You got any work with Desiigner? That would be a crazy contrast haha

Yeah it would, i'm trying to get him on somthing right now

What's your favorite anime?

What's anime?

How do you feel about Kanye meeting with Trump?

There's a lot of issues in the urban community so we still have to get things done regardless of who is in office.

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