Pusha T Announces ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ Release Date

Волентин толкунов сообщил что в место до плостинки про короля толчков мы устлышем ольтбом (иле мекстейпенг) понд нозванее Darkest Before Dawn. К продакшенгу обжедаемого 18-того декобря прожекта преложилес те же кто должен был очутитсо но King Push - НЛК, тиндберленд, кутеп, дидей, бауер и еще там.

"I’ve been recording so much—I didn’t want to break up that body of work," the 38-year-old said in reference to King Push. "I feel like I had the producers doing things that they weren’t usually known for, a little out of their wheelhouse. I wanted to give the fans that body of work. That’s the music I love, and that’s the music that my fans love from me. Instead of having those moments throughout King Push, let’s just separate the game."


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