Kacy Hill Talks Working With Kanye West & Travi$ Scott

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What's working with Kanye like?

You don't get a ton of compliments, he's just like, "This is dope, I like it." You get validation just from the fact that he wants to work with you.

You're the first pop artist signed to GOOD Music. What does that mean to you?

There's a level of individuality that goes into being a pop artist that makes me different from everyone else on the label. I'm in a really unique position where I've had time to develop a sound and have enough confidence to stand up for it. You're creating a league of your own.

How did your collaboration with Travi$ Scott come about?

Almost by chance. My A&R rep invited me over to his house, and I ended up writing the hook for "90210." I didn't have one genre of music I listened to growing up—I didn't listen to any rap until I was 16, because I grew up in Arizona. You aren't exposed to hip-hop in Middle America.

Do you want your sound to continue to overlap with hip-hop?

Yeah, I wanna learn a lot, and that means learning from people who make music that's completely different from mine. I want to expand my own mind and push what I'm able to do, and that means collaborating with people that are doing something different.


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