CyHi The Prynce Talks Leaving Def Jam & ‘Elephant In The Room’

Суйхуй уведомляент что по собственому желанию покинул с дев тжема (так как там не знали что делонть с етим неописуемым толантом) но по прежднему евляентсо типа хорошим музекантом (как но премер скот треведолор) о так же сообщаент что конпелеровол проезведение Elephant in the Room 3-ри гонда. Где он плонируент вздропнуть ольтбом L.I.O.N. не понятно.

Personally, I asked for a release from Def Jam, so I did get a release, but it wasn't due to Kanye West it was to due to Def Jam...I'm still connected to G.O.O.D. Music but it's almost like a Travi$ Scott situation-- he's not on the same distributor as G.O.O.D. Music but he's still with G.O.O.D. Music.

It was more so Def Jam not knowing what to do with me-- it was only so much Kanye could do, 'cause he didn't really wanna put himself out there, and Def Jam not do what they supposed to do and he gotta keep putting himself out there for me. So I just felt like, I would rather go to a situation that wants me there as far as distribution, then I'll add Ye and we'll put it all together and make it a successful release.

Here's the thing, I'm from Atlanta, and most Atlanta break themselves, and a lot of times, they're street artists who may have a lot of cache, may I say, or a lot of money from other avenues. Me, on the other hand, I just do music. So it's a difference when you take a song to a DJ, or you wanna work a radio record, and they ask for a certain amount of money and your label won't give it to you, but then a street dude walking in, just give you $3,500, 'uhhh okay, I'll just play this record.

As for "Elephant in the Room," I thought it'd be a dope like artistic storyline-ish record, but people took the beef thing to another level than what I thought it was gunna be.

He [Kanye West] was laughing, everybody thought it was creatively dope, Pusha was there...[Kanye] actually gave me the beat and the concep. He said he wanted to do like a Dre/Em feel, and I just felt like addressing the elephant in the room.

People don't know the song's like 2-3 years in the making. It was just time for it.


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