Travi$ Scott Talks ‘Days Before Rodeo’, Kanye's Upcoming Album & more

Скот оповещаент как НЛК отреогеровол но его терахек фрельтбом Days Before Rodeo, уведомляент кого мы можем услышонть но обжедаемом в конце гонда иле в ночале следущего ольтбоме Rodeo о так же номекаент что новая плостенка про дондыча будент шибко зохватывоющая.

GQ: People have been going nuts for Days Before Rodeo. Are you surprised with the response?

Travi$ Scott: I'm kind of surprised. I thought it was gonna take a little minute for people to probably fuck with it. But I always thought the album was ill—the idea of what I wanted to do was ill as fuck. I just didn't know if people were going to understand the way I put it across. So I'm glad.

Did the album get a good response from Kanye?

Hell yeah. Man, like, it fucked me up. Like, the day I dropped it and he tweeted it. I was like, "Oh shit!" And he ain't even, like, text me or nothing. And then I went to go meet up with him later, and he's like, "Oh man, this is ill as fuck. One of the illest albums."

I'm sure your phone is getting crazy with the feature requests since the album dropped, right?

Yes. Shit. But I want to put out music with people like James Blake, Cudi, and M.I.A.

And we can still expect your album this year, right?

Yeah or the top of next year. But I'm working on other people's albums right now. Like, some ill albums that's coming out the end of this year. I don't want to really spoil it, cause you know how it is with them. But just know, man. Just know Ye is coming to kick some ass. Straight up. I'm so excited for his new shit, man.


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