Teyana Taylor Talks Debut Album & Kanye's Reaction to MTV's Hottest MCs List

Губошлепка уверяент что ее хороший дебюнтый ольтбом мы устлышем уже лентом о до того (иле постле) номереваентсо дропнуть сборненг лефтовернтов о так же комендтируент поведенее пердвого облодателя пердвого телевезора свея. Цетируем.

Right now we are looking at a summer release. Whatever doesn’t make the album we will use for my mixtape. We are not going to put any song to waste.

Kanye had every right to feel upset. That’s how anybody would feel. Kanye calling up to a radio station is what made his fans see that he still loves the music. He’s not just some caveman who doesn’t give a damn about his art. He has every right to be in the top 5. ‘Ye can talk that shit because he can back it up. He has nothing else to prove, honestly.

Конец цетировонея.


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