Pusha T Talks ‘Blocka’, ‘Pain’ & ‘New God Flow’

Теренс толчков поведывоент коково было екронезировонть Blocka в жомайке (и зо чем), оповещаент что еще плонируент снять клипенг но прошлогондий синглей Pain, негодуент что супер хитер New God Flow преднозночавшийся для MNIMN очутилсо но ХМО и осталсо без екронезацее о так же номекаент но секвелнт Wrath of Caine.

The video for “Blocka” looks crazy. How was it like shooting that in Jamaica?

“Blocka” is a very special record to me. After hearing it, it had that vibe that the only way to do it is to actually go to Jamaica, and be in the mix. We was down there in Mathew’s Lane, is a whole deep history of what that area is. It was just really enlightening, to be amongst the people, and see how they were living. And also see how happy they were, man. I swear I almost adopted like three kids. Just on some old…I was there for like four days. I’m just coming out to the neighborhood, and these kids were like…just three in particular were just always hanging out with me. I mean these kids were four. The community was just really special. Just in the sense of…Jamaica’s always portrayed in a negative or dangerous light. And not to say that those things are not part of the landscape, but it’s a lot. It’s a beautiful landscape, and there’s way more to it than just that. Just being out there with the people and the kids. I had like a trailer. And they were like crazy on the trailer. And I had to spazz on the driver of the trailer, because he was a bit rude and loud, and I couldn’t deal with it. Like, “Wait, a minute. Don’t talk to my kids like that.” [Laughs] It was crazy, but…it was good to see them being into it, excited. Just the people of the neighborhood were very inviting, and I just appreciated, man.

I know you dropped “Pain” which is the first single from My Name Is My Name, but do you still plan on shooting a video for it?

I still wanna do a video for “Pain.” As a matter of fact I don’t think I will be satisfied until I do a video for “Pain”. I don’t know. We’re gonna have to do something to make that happen. Because I think the records so strong and I think it’s one of those—they call them “cultural records”. Records labels and shit, they like, “Man that’s a “cultural record”. It may not be a radio smash but it hits people.” Ya know? Whatever. I feel like usually all my records are like that. So to put out a record and to not do a visual for it, I can’t. I don’t really like that. I don’t like that and I feel like it’s slighting my fans and shit like that. That and “New God Flow”. I thought to have a video for “New God Flow”.

I heard that record was initially suppose to be for My Name is My Name.

“New God Flow” was really for My Name Is My Name. I gave it up. I gave it up to be on Cruel Summer and to make sure it was a single on Cruel Summer. Just to have that whole look out there but video, none of that shit materialized. Some of these are building blocks and reasons for Wrath of Caine 2.


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