Kanye West To Collaborate With Chief Keef

Всетоке енгчоп не случайно преложилсо к обкоменг ольтбому про шендона. Оказывоенцо НЛК ностойчево оказывоент нигеропродюсору знаке внеманея и даже плонируент сколобобреровотсо с его товарещем - модным нынче шесноцетелентим чайнотаунским репером чефкефом (но фотограмме)!

FSD: So rumor has it that Kanye is a big fan of Young Chop?

Young Chop: Oh yeah, oh yeah. I haven’t met him yet, but I’m waiting to meet him soon.

FSD: Has Kanye reached out?

Young Chop: Oh yeah. He’s digging it. He has like 12 Young Chop beats right now as a matter of fact [Laughs].

FSD: I hear Ye’s a big Keef fan, too?

Young Chop: Yep, he’s a fan of Keef.

FSD: I’ve also heard that there might be a collaboration between Keef and Kanye in the works?

Young Chop: Yep. Yeah that’s happening.


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